"In 2002, the British singer Barb Jungr released "Barb Jungr sings Bob Dylan: Every Grain of Sand," which is, as far as I'm concerned, the most significant vocal album of the 21st century thus far" The Wall Street Journal

"Miss her artistry at your peril" The Village Voice

Barb Jungr is known for her choice of repertoire, passionate singing, subtle musical arrangements and reinterpretation of great songs.

"As a Dylan interpreter, Jungr is right up there with Simone or The Byrds." The BBC

"A fearless iconoclast who dives into the deepest waters of popular song to wrest exotic treasure from the ocean floor." The New York Times Oct 2011

"she is THE reason why cabaret continues to find a new audience. And if that’s an overstatement, it gives her a goal which she will unquestionably accomplish. In a reasonably short amount of time, she has emerged as one part educator, one part icon, and all parts made of static electricity that will never cease to crackle across the wide oceans." (The Andrew Martin Report, 2011)

" her revelatory show at the Metropolitan Room, she provides stunning, deeply personal renditions of 13 Dylan classics in which every word shines with crystal clarity." The New York Post Oct 2011

"This is clearly Jungr’s show and a powerful, painful and distilled ‘Woman in Love’ which could not only wipe the floor, walls and windows with Streisand also firmly asserts her position as the most impeccable interpreter of the ‘chanson’ of her own – or any subsequent – generation." The Londonist Feb 2011

"Britain’s most ferociously brilliant and individual singer of classic songs." Mark Shenton, The Stage

"There's no one like her in the States or in her home, England. Her specialty is taking songs everyone knows by Jacques Brel, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, or just about anything from recent chapters in the Great American Songbook and finding levels of meaning in them that even the original crooners had no idea were there. Incidentally, her intros are worth the admission price alone." Village Voice Choice, Nov 2010

"Barb Jungr’s voice has established her as a superlative interpreter of the great song-books"
Independent Aug 2009

…she brings to it the same creative capacity for reinterpretation and re-examination that Ella Fitzgerald and Mabel Mercer brought to Cole Porter.” - Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal (May 2010)

The unique artistry of Barb Jungr has brought rave reviews internationally and two New York Awards; her acclaimed recordings and her live performances have brought her to the world's stages.

"Casually virtuosicThe Guardian