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Special Notice

Barb Jungr, 2021Dear Friends,

At last we have some news to share of upcoming live performance dates starting in June throughout the year (subject of course to government plans and with all Covid protocols in place) in London, Manchester, Farnham, Cornwall, Chiswick and Shoreham, with more coming in as we write.

We are positive for being out in the world again and hope you can join us at any of these - including - if you are in other countries, the live streams!

Book live stream here · See all live dates here

We will have a new single release of one of the Forgetful Heart: Dylan and Cohen and Love collection coming soon -  watch out for my newsletter - if you haven’t signed up for it yet please do here. We send only at most monthly and with all upcoming news or join our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds where you’ll also see all of that.

Thrilled to announce that the single I wrote with Simon Wallace for the wonderful singer and our friend, Nate Rogers, is released on Kristalyn for download from April 23rd. Called Watching The Clouds we’ve already had a lot of very high praise do have a listen here.

With a fair wind the new children’s show The Smartest Giant written with Samantha Lane will open in May. Dates will be announced soon.

And thank you for staying with me on the journey and my sympathies and love to everyone who has, (I think we all have) experienced personal  losses or very tough struggles in these strange times.

Coming soon and Recently released

Nate Rogers Watching The Clouds

Nate Rogers - Watching the Clouds

Written by Barb Jungr and Simon Wallace

Released on Kristalyn for download from April 23rd.

Listen here

Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark

Bruce Springsteen’s classic song, on Kristalyn Records (KristaDB1). Recorded with and produced by Simon Wallace, with video by Simon and all made during lockdown, when we were all Dancing in the Dark?

Buy here  ·  Stream here

Barb Jungr & The Fourth Choir

In My Troubled Days

Barb released In My Troubled Days in early April 2020. The single is a duet with the wonderful Fourth Choir, with a video and a link for choral arrangements by John McDaniel.

Buy here  ·  Stream here

Barb Jungr - BOB, BREL AND ME


Released Autumn 2019

Buy here  ·   Stream here

Broadway World review of Bob, Brel and Me at Joe’s Pub NYC - Feb 2020
Barb Jungr's committed performances of material by Bob Dylan, Jacques Brel, and herself make for a powerful set. Her delightfully quirky humor, with some cutely bristling impatience at the folly of human nature, is welcome comic relief between highly emotional, word-dense songs. Whether cheeky or choked-up with feeling, this artist (I don't use the word casually) commands attention and affection. Read full review

Kind of Jazz ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Barb's voice in fine fettle, and as always, her read on the lyrics is spot-on. Read full review

Something Else
The vocals are powerfully delivered in Barb Jungr’s inimitable style – classy, full on, a touch of the mischievous and complete conviction. Read full review

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